Joann Dobbie is an international business communicator and trainer. She has extensive experience working with employees and corporations who are contemplating or involved in global expansion. As Director of Corporate Education at Northwestern University she was responsible for a Global Leadership Program that took place in Europe, Asia and North America. Her professional career took her to Axa Advisors and Aetna Financial Services where she held leadership positions in business development, training, sales management and marketing. She is an excellent networker and has strong relationship management skills.

Ms. Dobbie resides in Chicago and enjoys running marathons, volunteer work and spending time with friends.

Here are the ABC's of the Art of Business Communications team:
A  For those who need to become more proficient in their English speaking capabilities,
       Debbie provides ESL training for the intermediate level and higher.
B   For those who need to become more proficient in business communications, Joann is the
        seasoned specialist.
C   Assessments are available and encouraged.
Deborah Gordon Engle is an English as a Second Language Instructor. She began instructing and tutoring in English as a Second Language in the late 1990s, after a successful career as an advertising and public relations writer, editor and entrepreneur.
She has worked with adult English learners from Asia, Europe and South America at Northwestern University and Northwestern University’s School of Continuing Studies.    Among the courses she has taught are Academic Writing for MBAs, Clear Speech (Pronunciation), Team Project/Presentation Skills, Passing the SPEAK Test, Journalism Practicum and Business Conversation.
In addition to earning a Masters in Linguistics from Northwestern University, Ms. Engle holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Arkansas.   She has also studied television scriptwriting at UCLA.

Ms. Engle resides in Chicago.
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