Here are the ABC's of what Art of Business Communications does:
A  At Art of Business Communications we specialize in sophisticated business communication skills for global professionals who are confident in their English speaking capabilities but feel uncomfortable in business situations where English is the predominant language.
B   Art of Business Communications workshops cover:
     * American idioms; understand what they mean and how to use them
     * The art of storytelling in a business conversation
     * Effective use of American business dialoging in networking, presentations, meetings and sales
     * Traits and behaviors of your country versus the United States in a business  environment
     * Beneficial use of open and closed-end questions
     * Becoming comfortable in an American business environment speaking English
     * Understanding the idiosyncrasies of American business conversations
     * Assessments: individual and group

     At Art of Business Communications workshops you will:
     * Become an effective American business conversationalist
     * Gain self-confidence in meetings where English is the predominant languare
     * Transform yourself into a knowledgeable user of storytelling in business dialogue
     * Learn how to make sense of American idioms
     * Understand and practice American business conversation
     * Improve your global camaraderie
     * Recognize the signs of non-verbal communication; learn what they mean and what to do
C   We will customize to meet your unique goals, objectives and key business challenges.  This is accomplished in a group setting or individually.
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